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The Find-It Guide - Landstuhl

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Top Sites and Events

Varied Countryside
Natural surroundings for everyone's taste. Might it be hiking through the "green lung" Palatinate Forest, Germany's largest connected wooded area, a tour through the Western Palatinate's low- laying swamp area - the Landstuhler Bruch - or a walk over the hills of the Sickinger Land. With grandiose views over its communities and the Sickingen City Landstuhl.
Nanstein Castle - Landmark of the Sickingen City
A look into the creepy vault shows where Franz von Sickingen died after being mortally wounded. The good old time of knights seems to have been cold and uncomfortable. Nanstein Castle was not built by "Fränzje" but by one of the most famous German emperors: Friedrich "Red Beard" Barbarossa, who erected additional defense installations for the Reichsland in the Palatinate. In old times a defensive protection for the surrounding area and people, today the castle is the landmark of the city. High up on the castle hill, it beckons to an adventurous trip into the past. On the tracks of Emperor Barbarossa, but mainly on those of the "last knight" Franz von Sickingen.
This is the meeting place
Conferences - Conventions - Culture. There is one place for all these events in Landstuhl: The Stadthalle (Civic Center). Beside these events, it is needless to say that local club activities take place in this modern buildings as well. Especially for friends of culture, the Stadthalle is not an unknown address. Opera, operetta and musical, ballet or drama, the spectrum is wide ranging. Locally produced perfomances are high on the agenda as well, as the "Palatinate Comedy" (Pälzer Komödie) Landstuhl proves. Stadthalle Landstuhl (Civic Center) - not only the "parlour" of the city, but a house full of life.
When downtown is suddenly blocked off and large stages are being built up in the middle of the road, it's that time again: The Landstuhl City Fest with its Jazz and Cultural Days can begin, annually in September. Just prior to that, the castle theater performances have finished their open-air season on the Nanstein. Palatinate dialect was on the program. Both events draw thousands of visitors - just as the St. Andreas Market during the first Advent weekend. Therefore, encounters is not a foreign word in Landstuhl, social gatherings are being cultivated. And not only at large events, but also at small fests and in the numerous restaurants and pubs.
"Castle in Flames", the fireworks put on by the Heritage Friends Landstuhl high above the Nanstein is an annual experience of a special kind. However, Landstuhl offers fun things to do all year round. Bike hikes through the low-lying areas, walks through the Palatinate Forest along many marked trails or simply on a discovery tour "off the beaten track". A fishing "expedition" to the Silbersee or a day out at the swimming pool in the summer. Nature all around and many leisure time offers make it possible.

For Further Information

Sickingen-Tourismus, Kirchenstraße 41 (Alte Rentei), 66849 Landstuhl
Tel: 0 63 71-49 53 11
Fax: 0 63 71-49 53 20
eMail: tourismus@landstuhl.de

Verbandsgemeindeverwaltung, Kaiserstraße 49, 66849 Landstuhl
Tel: 06371-830, Fax: 06371-83101