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The Find-It Guide - Featured Cities in Germany

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Situated in the midst of the Rheinland-Pfalz region, Kaiserslautern is an international city with over 100,000 inhabitants. The city has preserved its historical past despite its growth into one of the largest industrial and marketing cities in Germany. Nicknamed K-town by Americans, Kaiserslautern is home to the largest community of Americans in Europe.


Natural surroundings for everyone's taste. Might it be hiking through the "green lung" Palatinate Forest, Germany's largest connected wooded area, a tour through the Western Palatinate's low- laying swamp area - the Landstuhler Bruch - or a walk over the hills of the Sickinger Land. With grandiose views over its communities and the Sickingen City Landstuhl.


The city of Ramstein-Miesenbach is the administrative center of the Union Community of Ramstein- Miesenbach which, with its approx. 19,000 inhabitants, is the largest Union Community in Kaiserslautern County and which consists of the City of Ramstein-Miesenbach and the villages of Hütschenhausen, Kottweiler- Schwanden, Niedermohr and Steinwenden.


The rural district right around the small town of Kusel calls itself Musician’s Country. Do not expect a musician standing on every other corner, though. Rather, the name stems from the town’s old tradition of musicians, sometimes complete orchestras, making a living from going on tour through the better part of the world in order to feed their families back home in the meager quarters. Today, however, it pays off much more to visit than to leave the town – there’s so much to explore.


The collective municipality of Speicher lies on a 350 meter plateau, encircled by the charming and picturesque Kyll river valley and a large forest area. It belongs to the south west portion of the county of Bitburg-Pruem in the immediate neighborhood of Luxembourg.


Mainz has many faces: the historic –, the medieval –, the Christian “Golden Mainz” –, the modern secular one, through to its scientific and economics sides. All these facts are also reflected in the wide variety of event venues. Vitality, chumminess and an impressing history give Mainz, the capital of Rheinland-Pfalz, situated on the Rhein river, its unique charm and atmosphere. Get to know the diversity of Mainz and compose your individual stay!


A diverse region waits to be discovered Romantic river valleys, picturesque vineyards, wood-timbered houses, historical towns and castles – there is a reason why Rhineland- Palatinate received the nickname "Romantic Germany". Located around the rivers Rhine and Moselle, this most western German federal state offers not only a journey through charming valleys or fairy-tale castles, but also a wide range of attractions.


Wiesbaden is multi-faceted: It is the state capital of Hessen, a congress and health centre with 26 hot springs surrounded by green countryside, a place of residence offering very high quality of life as well as a town of mansions and wine at the Rhine River.

Frankfurt am Main

Conveniently located in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt is a city of great colour and diversity. It is a place where tradition meets modernity, commerce meets culture and activity meets tranquillity. “Mainhattan” is known to be Europe’s smallest metropolis, a reputation it has gained thanks to its international orientation.


With its flair and its maritime charm, Hamburg counts as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. To its guests the "Gateway to the World" - as the seaport on the Elbe river is frequently called - offers pure city life with not only spectacular shopping, historical and rich culture but also a lively natural landscape.


In Munich, it's the mix that makes the message. Old meets new, past meets present and future, the modern blends harmoniously with the traditional, bits and bytes with beer, business and leisure. For the visitor, there is never any shortage of sights to see or activities to engage in!