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The Find-It Guide - About Us

online military and business telephone directory

About us

We have a complete portfolio of publications designed for Americans living in Europe. All are distributed free-of-charge to our readers. These products enjoy exclusive distribution rights on many important military facilities. The distribution is, in most cases, regulated according to our U.S. Government contracts and long experience working with the U.S. military.

Besides the Find-It Guide, we are also publishers of the KaiserslauternAmerican newspaper, HeraldUnion newspaper, StuttgartCitizen newspaper, the ClassifiedWorld website and the lifestyle and events website Military In Germany. For more information on those products, please visit the respective websites.

Designed for use by almost 100,000 English-speaking residents of the Kaiserslautern, Baumholder, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden Military Communities, the multimedia product The Find-It Guide has been created by AdvantiProGmbH to help these communities find what they need.

Our goal is to bring the American and European communities closer together, help English-speaking residents find good quality products and services they need, and to make living in Europe a more enjoyable and satisfying experience.

The Find-It Guide is an English-language telephone book and business directory published annually in a user-friendly format, similar to the yellow pages. For the first time ever in 2015 The Find-it Guide has been separated into three books for the Kaiserslautern Military Community, the Wiesbaden and the Stuttgart military communities. The books are distributed free-of-charge. To support the print version of The Find-It Guide, AdvantiPro has developed and online version of the book Finditguide.com and The Find-it Guide App.

Content: The Find-It Guide is published in an A5 format with about 80% of the pages in full color; all of the pages are printed on high gloss paper. It contains useful information on local municipalities, emergency and frequently used telephone numbers, a White-pages section with many useful on-base/on-post telephone numbers, helpful hints, numerous full color maps, and a section with discount coupons offered by local businesses.

It also has a commercial section of advertisements, representing businesses who are interested in selling their products and services to Americans living in Europe.

These advertisements are listed in alphabetical order according to the category. Over 100 categories are represented everything from Beauty Needs to Churches, Medical Services to Pet Care, Restaurants and much more. You can find almost everything you need in The Find-It Guide!

Distribution: Distribution is done quickly and efficiently to ensure our advertisers get the maximum benefit from every copy containing their advertisement.

60,000 copies of The Find-It Guide are distributed in the Kaiserslautern Military Community each year, 15,000 copies are distributed in Wiesbaden and Stuttgart respectively. We have an extensive distribution network, developed over 10 years of experience in close cooperation with Military Authorities. Distribution is a huge operation divided into three main parts:

Bulk Distribution: When the printer is finished with the new edition of The Find-It Guide, it is picked up by an 18-wheel truck. The copies are packed in boxes and placed on pallets which are loaded onto the truck. The truck then delivers bulk quantities directly to major distribution points where thousands of copies are picked up almost immediately by anxious readers. This delivery is finished in one day!

Bulk Distribution points include the commissaries at Ramstein and Vogelweh, the Wiesbaden Lodge and Wiesbaden Welcome Center, and the Central Receiving Point in Stuttgart. We announce delivery of the new Find-ItGuides in local military newspapers, and individuals pick them up free-of-charge at these locations. Demand is so high that almost all copies of The Find-It Guide delivered to these locations are gone within one working week. Newly arriving Air Force family members and Army personnel and their families also receive copies. Remaining books are stored at the USO warehouse for unit and individual distribution.

Unit Distribution: Once bulk distribution has been completed, a dedicated team of distributors coordinates deliveries of The Find-it Guide to units on-base/on-post. Due to excellent cooperation with local military authorities and high demand for The Find-It Guide, unit distribution is mostly completed within two working weeks.

Individual Distribution: We have developed a list of individual distribution points for those that did not get their copy of the new Find-ItGuide during Bulk and Unit Distribution. These points include all offices of the USO: the Ramstein Passenger Terminal and its offices at Vogelweh, Kleber Kaserne, Wiesbaden and Stuttgart. The Ramstein Community Center distributes thousands of copies each year, and the Advanti Pro office in Europaallee 3, KL distributes hundreds of copies.

Individuals can also pick up copies at the Airman and Family Readiness Center Ramstein and Army Community Service offices on Pulaski Barracks, Wiesbaden and Stuttgart. Thousands of military personnel who come for TDY (Temporary Duty) get copies from Temporary Lodging and advertisers, of course, receive copies which are distributed at their place of business.

Further Distribution: Americans living in other parts of Europe also use The Find-It Guide. Many people have called us and sent us emails asking for individual copies. Families often drive to Kaiserslautern just to go shopping because of the large shopping facilities. They use The Find-It Guide to help them find what they need.

WHAT IS Finditguide.com?
Finditguide.com is the online version of The Find-It Guide, an online tool that supplements the printed edition of The Find-It Guide. Finditguide.com is designed to appeal to the large number of Americans that like to work online.

HOW SHOULD I USE Finditguide.com?
Just turn on your home or office computer, tap into the internet, and call up www.finditguide.com, and have many products, services and telephone numbers right at your fingertips.

WHAT CAN I FIND ON Finditguide.com?
Finditguide.com will help you find: emergency telephone numbers, frequently-used telephone numbers, On-Base/On-Post telephone numbers, and, to help get out and shop in the area, a comprehensive list of products and services to fulfill all your needs. For your information we also have tips on living in Germany, conversion tables for clothing sizes, temperature and cooking, and much more!

What is The Find-it Guide App? The Find-it Guide App, essentially, is the print edition in App form. It is supported by Apple and Android and is downloadable free-of-charge for users. The Find-it Guide App includes all business and telephone listings you will find in the book and the online version. The Find-it Guide App also features and "Around Me" function. After choosing a category, users will be presented with a list of stores/companies in their immediate vicinity. Exact distances to all locations are shown, so that the users knows exactly how far away the nearest restaurant or car dealer is. The App also offers instant 1-click GPS driving directions to help users find their way to the business they are looking for. An important feature of The Find-it Guide App is the Esso Gas Station Finder, which helps users find the nearest Esso station.

Our advertisers come from many different locations: Germany, the United States, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Austria, offering dozens of different products and services.

Finditguide.com a new modern tool developed locally to make your life enjoyable!